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Cansler vs. Cancer

Zerpo Prostate CancerCansler Consulting is hoping to generate awareness and enlist your aid in the fight against prostate cancer. is leading the 'run' against this killer and we're hoping that this disease has never, and will never touch, your life or that of someone you love.

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Late Stages of Prostate Cancer

Although new therapies have been discovered for advanced stages of the disease, they only extend life by a few months. Better treatments and ultimately a cure for men with advanced prostate cancer is desperately needed. Consider:

  • Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer
  • Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men in the United States.
  • About 1 man in 6 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime
  • Over 200,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year in this country
  • It kills over 30,000 men a year in the U.S. alone.
  • Every 2.2 minutes another man is diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • In too many of these men, the disease proves lethal by the time the diagnosis is made.
  • Of men diagnosed in the LATE stages of the disease, only 33.4% survive 5 years after diagnosis.

The riddle of prostate cancer is not solved. In fact, now more than ever before, the questions facing prostate cancer researchers are more complex than ever before. Securing financial support to encourage, sustain and accelerate this ground breaking research is critical for men and their families today, as well as future generations.

Early Detection

Dr. Getzenberg is the Director of ResearchThe alarming statistics above are for cases of the disease in its LATE stages. The obvious answer is that the earlier the disease is detected, the more successful treatment becomes. While there is no cure for cancer, early detection increases survivabilty tremendously. With 1 out of 6 American men being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, can you take the risk? If you are male and over 35 years old, or have a history of cancer in your family, ask your physician about a test as soon as possible. It's only a simple blood test. If someone you care about fits that criteria, please urge them to be tested as soon as possible. Early diagnosis is the best treatment.

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