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Agricultural Development

Agricultural Development
Agricultural Development


Agricultural Development: Decades of governmental lobbying provides Cansler Consulting the experience to represent your organization in Washington, D.C., protecting your financial interests and politicy needs. With years of experience on Capitol Hill, Cansler is the perfect choice to advocate your interests in government.

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Agricultural Development
Agricultural Development


Agricultural Development: Keeping their finger on the pulse with the latest technology is a specialty of Cansler Consulting. Twitter, LinkedIn and all the new social media is being used more and more to help keep lawmakers aware of the direction of the political winds. We know that sometimes you need to rely on the old school method of talking with the power brokers.

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Agricultural Development
Agricultural Development


Agricultural Development: Years of working on Capitol Hill and working among the players has enabled Cansler Consulting to not only be aware of political changes before they happen, but to appropriately respond and share your side of the story to the right officials. Sometimes it's just as important to know who to talk to as it is what to say. We will make sure your message is heard.

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Agricultural Development

Agricultural Development...

Agricultural Development

Lobbyist with a focus on Agricultural Development is just the beginning for Cansler Consulting. Providing strategic advice, analysis and reporting, keeping you informed, and proactively monitoring for changes that impact you makes us the best choice to champion your issues in Washington, D.C. To learn how Cansler Consulting can watch out for your interests, contact us today at (202) 714-2822.

Agricultural Development: After five successful years advising our clients, Meridian Growth Strategies became Cansler Consulting. Using nearly two decades of intricate legislative and regulatory experiences in federal government and our vast nation-wide network, Cansler Consulting continues delivering positive results for our clientele. As was witnessed in the mid-term elections of 2010, the volatility of elected leadership can change the landscape in Washington, D.C. in as little as every 2 years. Such dramatic changes can have immense implications on your business. That's why our clients trust our proven strategies, supported by our experiences and consistency, to appropriately guide them through such change and lessen potential impacts on their business.

Agricultural DevelopmentPersonalized Service,
Big Impact

  • Government Relations - communicating your needs to appropriate government officials.

  • Public Opinion Management - Lawmakers value voter's opinions in their respective districts, through grass roots training and organizing, we can influence decisions on major policy initiatives.

  • Government Procurement - The government is the single largest buyer of goods and services in the country. We can help you determine if you qualify for federal government purchasing preference programs and win federal contracts.

  • Coalilition Buidling - organizing support to apply influence over law makers and regulators.

  • Association Management - providing organizations with the necessary tools and information for a more efficient organization

The Cansler Difference

1.) Our Experience

Over the past two decades our experience has grown as we have been closely involved, at the table, working through intricate challenges in our focus areas and developing potential solutions with the leading minds in multiple industries. These solutions included developing legislation and regulations that resolved issues among oftentimes diverse constituencies.

2.) Our Lasting Relationships

During these two decades Cansler Consulting has developed lasting relationships on Capitol Hill and in multiple federal regulatory agencies. We understand successes for our clients now, and in the future, are not achieved alone, but by the combined efforts of our friends and (both current and former) colleagues.

3.) Our Knowledge

Agricultural Development has been imbedded in the Cansler genealogy for centuries. Throughout those centuries agriculture has evolved through continuous scientific and economic breakthroughs to become one of the most diverse and futuristic food, fuel and fiber industries worldwide.

Cansler Consulting continues this tradition by working with clients to achieve their goals in these multi-faceted and peripheral industries by employing over two decades of experiences in agriculture and food safety policy, supply chain development, transportation, renewable energy, facilitating agriculture trade, trade negotiations, biotechnology, regulatory relief and rural development.

4.) Our Personalized Service

Cansler Consulting likes to think of ourselves as an extension of your staff in Washington, reporting to clients in a timely and consistent manner. You will be involved as much or as little as you choose in the development of strategies and the legislative and regulatory advocacy to achieve your goals.

5.) Our Pricing

We understand companies and organizations are attentive of their bottom line. Cansler Consulting offers our unparalleled services in a cost-efficient and economical manner that delivers results. Our monthly retainer is based on your specific needs and offered through a simple contract that includes a standard 30-day termination policy.

We ask that you not solely rely on our word, but please ask our clients why they hired Cansler Consulting. We believe they will tell you it's all these attributes plus our genuine commitment to achieving your goals that sets us apart from others.

6.) Our Connections

After two decades of government management and lobbying, as well as years on Capitol Hill, we know who to talk to about your specific needs and how to persuade them. It's about who you know.


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