February, 2011 |

House Investigates Economic Impediments & their Impact

U.S. House leaders are directing committees to identify regulations & procedures that impede economic growth. The U.S. House recently adopted House Resolution 72 by an overwhelmingly bi-partisan vote of 391 – 28 that directs the following congressional committees to “inventory and review existing, pending, and proposed regulations and orders from agencies of the Federal Government…

Cansler Awarded for Range Management

Cansler Consulting’s Founder, Tim Cansler, was recently honored with the Distinguished Service Award by the Society for Range Management (SRM) (www.rangelands.org) during their 2011 Annual Meeting in Billings, Montana.

Pace of 2012 Farm Bill Intensifies

Are the programs of the 2012 Farm Bill that impact your organization being moved forward right NOW? This week Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) Chairman of the US Senate Budget Committee kept up the intense pace of his Committee hearing schedule by bringing leading economists to testify on topics including the state of the U.S economy…