March, 2011 |

The Farm Bill & Brazil’s Impact

Lawmakers must decide on how to change farm programs in the 2012 Farm Bill, otherwise Brazil is entitled to retaliatory measures, including cross-retaliation, imposing trade tariffs against up to $829 million in U.S. goods and $268 million in eligible cross-retaliatory countermeasures. If Brazil believes that the 2012 Farm Bill continues trade distorting policies, they can increase tariffs on a variety of U.S. products and commodities.

Cansler Clients in D.C. for Congressional Meetings

This month Cansler Consulting facilitated meetings between some of their clients and various Washington power brokers. Over a four-day period, Cansler Consulting and their clients attended a whirlwind series of 18 meetings with congressional members and their staff, five federal agencies including the White House Budget Office, Department of Homeland Security Custom and Border Protection, Environmental…