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The Farm Bill Pt. 2

Welcome to Part 2 of  our 2012 Farm Bill overview…

Farm Bills have traditionally been tough to write, in many respects. Other things to consider that will be unique to writing the 2012 Farm Bill are:

  • Other forces will play in this Farm Bill. In an extraordinary move, the Brazilian cotton case resolved in the World Trade Organization in August 2009 maintains a caveat that authorizes the Brazilian government to retaliate against the U.S. by suspending U.S. intellectual property (IP) rights (patents & copyrights)  if it believes the 2012 Farm Bill contains trade distorting policies, targeting mainly the commodity marketing loan and counter-cyclical payment programs. Watch for more non-traditional IP-intensive industries and their high-powered lobbying corps to enter the fray of the 2012 Farm Bill debate.
  • Already dimishing support. Support for farm programs has already begun to diminish as the Administration’s FY 2011 fiscal year budget proposed to reduce farm supports.…

The Farm Bill Pt. 1

Lobbying regarding Farm BillRe-authorization of the upcoming 2012 Farm Bill is an important piece of legislation that impacts multiple constituencies.  We have dedicated a multi-part series of articles to keep you informed and to provide some professional insights.  The articles will entail some background on the Farm Bill, considerations unique to the Farm Bill and the impact of it.

Will the Farm Bill be re-authorized? 

The Farm Bill will be reauthorized by its expiration date in September 2012, because……


Cansler Consulting Unveils New Web Presence

Premier Washington lobbyists, Cansler Consulting unveils their new web site ( Designed and developed by veteran online marketing experts, Our Marketing Group (, based out of Charlotte, NC, the site features automatic news updates via Cansler’s news blog and Twitter accounts. The site release coincides with the release and re-branding of their social media outlets,…